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Client Testimonials

I first heard about Care Net after I had my second daughter but I have to say, I did not think it was for me. I already had two older children at home and thought I knew everything. It wasn’t until I had our fourth child that I started to attend the classes, mainly for the mommy bucks to help with giving our son the everyday essentials that he needed.

To be honest, I was not looking forward to my first consultation. I did not want to sit through a boring class with someone I did not know but I knew I needed to do something to provide for my son. That all changed after my first visit. The team at Care Net make every visit warm and inviting. The course content does provide a lot of great information even for a seasoned mom like me!

The boutique is always stocked with great essentials and also some very interesting finds that I never would have purchased myself (for example, re-usable pouches for homemade baby food!)

For me personally, I find that going to the parenting classes are also a time that I can talk to someone outside of my home about things that are on my mind. Now every week I look forward to my Care Net visits to not only talk, but to learn new ways of parenting while providing things that not only will benefit my 7-month-old, but my 3-year-old as well!

Thank you!

I am so grateful for the opportunity to express my appreciation to the CareNet Organization. A beautiful name; a caring net cast in the community to catch those adrift in seas of indecision and hard choices. Tossed on waves of relational distress; financial, emotional and environmental oppression…Providing a network of resources that cater to a wide range of needs; not just a free pregnancy test!

Knowledge is power and the teaching provided by this organization has been life-changing for me. I experienced only dedicated sincerity, empowering me to walk in grace and peace with myself, my choices, and the lives and choices of those close to me. There was no judgment or condemnation for the consequences resulting from prior values and decisions.

A cared for plant grows strong and flourishes; regenerating and bringing life to those that encounter it. So, also cared for individuals benefitting from the assets of organizations like CareNet can create safe homes and strong families…setting the stage for life giving communities and prosperous generations, creating a nation that glorifies its Maker.

Thanks again!

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